International Mining Company Invest Inc. (IMC Invest Inc) is a privately owned  mineral exploration and development company focusing on uranium, gold and platinum group metal projects in the Kyrgyz Republic’s highly mineralized Tien Shan gold belt.

Kyrgyz Republic has outstanding exploration potential for mineral deposits, a friendly mining and exploration environment, a well educated population, and excellent mining fiscal regime.


The Company currently controls three exploration licenses, covering almost 1,300 km2 in Kyrgyzstan. These licenses presently contain 2,514 t of Uranium JORC Measured Resource, 1,000 t of Uranium at C2 class, 51,150 t U at P1 class. All are considered to have excellent potential and capacity for economic development.

IMC Invest Inc is presently working towards the independent conversion of a significant proportion of its Russian classified resources to JORC compliant resources through independent audit, and upgrade gold production. The strategy of the Company is to enhance the value of its portfolio through exploration and exploitation of its existing properties and acquisition of new licenses, and increase production, all within the Kyrgyz Republic.



Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country in central Asia. It is independent, politically and economically stable, and a member of the World Trade Organisation. The country has a wide variety of mineral occurrences and has been encouraging external investment in mineral exploration and mining over resent years. Interest by foreign investors has focused chiefly on Tien Shan gold deposits, one of the main examples being the development of the Kumtor deposit by Centerra Gold Inc.

Kyrgyzstan has considerable potential for the following types of gold and platinum group metal deposits:

Placer deposits: formed by the concentration of heavy minerals, such as gold and PGMs, by water action in riverbed sands and gravels. Such deposits are often preserved in alluvial terraces related to ancient drainage systems. These deposits are near surface and mined by open-pit or dredging methods.

Orogenic gold deposits: associated with gold-bearing quartz veins of hydrothermal origin formed during major mountain building episodes in the earth’s history. They are often high grade and amenable to both open-pit and underground mining.

Porphyry copper-gold deposits: formed during hydrothermal alteration of porphyritic granitic intrusions (so called because they contain large crystals in a finely crystalline matrix) associated with the margins of continental plates. These are generally fairly low grade, large tonnage, bulk mineable deposits.

Summary of our successful trial mining Operation 2015

We have recently demonstrated the project, as described in the above video, at the VIII international research and practical conference "The topical issues in the Uranium industry", August 3-5 2017 Astana Kazakhstan. Held in Exhibition Expo 2017 at the KazAtomProm Pavillion. 

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